Velicia Hill

Velicia began her modeling career at age 18, modeling bridal gowns at the Dallas Apparel Mart.  She moved to Philadelphia and was signed by The Reinhard Agency.  From there, she went to Paris and ended her runway walking days in Miami.  In 2000 with the birth of her first child, Velicia started her own maternity line & boutique-Hollywood Mama.  To her surprise, the line and store was an instant success.  Her line was in more than 30 maternity stores throughout the United States and Europe.  Hollywood Mama Boutique was named the best place to buy maternity clothes in Miami for 3 years straight.  After a flooding of the market, Velicia left the maternity industry and turned her attention to her other passion-SHOES!  


In 2010 she celebrated her 40th birthday in NYC and her girlfriends were all commenting on her wearing heels to go shopping; and just like that, she had a light-bulb moment and was launched. Six years later, she followed that up with a boutique and a second location in a major mall.  And just 6 months later, designed her first shoe that went viral. She sold over 2500 pairs in less than a year! Unfortunately, due to the rise in "showrooming" (Google it), she closed the doors in 2018. 


Velicia is currently Editor In Chief of the new Ms. Heel Magazine, working on her first novel, and dreaming up more ideas for heels. She's always working on something unique and special...stay tuned!