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Shoe Dating? Yep...It's A Thing!

Happy hump day Ms, Heel!




Stay with me Mrs. Parker...It's something that we girls can all relate to. We love shoes. We especially love designer shoes; and is it no surprise, that some of our favorite $500+ priced heels, are designed under the names of men?

Hello boys!

This got me to thinking...men and shoes have a lot in common. We sometimes fall in love at first sight. We have one night stands with them; going out specifically looking for a shoe, just to wear out (no pun intended) that night. And when we've found the one, gosh, we just know it!

Let's explore all the ways a good man and a good pair of shoes can make you feel:

1. Lift you up when feeling low.

2. Instant mood and spirit booster.

3. Bring you so much joy.

4. Make you fall hard for black, brown, and white ones (no prejudices here).😘

5. They make you feel sexy & curvaceous; like a whole lotta woman (in your Beyonce voice)!

6. Supports you to higher levels of self-esteem & confidence.

7. Subliminally encourages you to showoff your best "ass" and that other "set"😉

8. Simply is there when you need them.

9. The more money they cost/have, the better (just sayin)🤷‍♀️.

10. Always makes you feel good and NEVER judges.

11. You take care of them and they take care of you.

12. You don't EVER let another girl wear/walk in your shoes--GET YO OWN!

13. Walks in step with you through the good and bad times.

14. Even if the heel breaks or he breaks your heart, after several attempts to repair the relationship, you thank them for the good times and let them go in peace. For you know, there will be others.

And finally,

Sometimes you have to look long and hard for a sole (soul) mate; risk being alone, in order to not compromise who you are and/or settle for less. But eventually, when you least expect it, and you see a fine ass Christian, Manolo, Jimmy or Giuseppe across the room and your heart skips a beat (cuz you know deep down, he's the one) and he fits--well hot damn...lucky girl, you found the one!

He won't be perfect, but he'll be perfect for you.

Happy shoe shopping/dating ladies,


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