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Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful socially distanced Easter!

I've been busy, in my house, working on my newest project: creating videos and becoming more of Velicia. In other words, I guess you can say: Video Velicia.

That's right, after much consternation, I finally let my weave down and decided that I have nothing to lose; I'm ready to put a face and a voice to my blogs and share my life, my visions and my opinions with the world. In recent years, I came really close to doing this. I thought I needed a partner or a team of other voices to launch my own voice. But after several false starts, I made that scary first step and took a giant leap for girlkind (this girl), and stepped into the unknown...also known as my future.

Furthermore, by being stuck and safe in my home, I've had numerous times to delve deep into my thoughts. And I'm willing to bet this not only applies to me, but for you as well...thoughts of achieving really big dreams. We all have a purpose for this earth...this lifetime. If there's been something whispering to you to go for it, well whatcha waiting on? Strap on those training wheels or kitten heels and just start! You can learn on the job and as you go. Trust me, I wish my videos were being shot by my professional cameraman, but due to this lil virus--he can't. So rather than hold myself back, waiting for things to be "perfect," or to create yet another excuse, I picked up my cell phone and started recording.

So without further ado, the video above is a brief history of my life. As I say: "Allow me to reintroduce myself." My new channel is VH101 and if you don't mind, I ask that you subscribe. By the way, if any of my subscribers have a project, a channel or social media account and you'd like me to follow or to check out, simply reply to this email and the favor is all mine!

Lights, camera, action


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