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What If Men Were Food...What's Your Flava?

what flava of men do you like?

That’s right, let that sink in for a minute Ms. Heel. 

Seriously.  Give yourself a good 20-30 seconds to think of men as a food group. 

Ok, now chew on this...

If men were a food group, how much would you indulge in on a daily basis?  Based on the men you’ve been consuming over the years, can you honestly say you’re a healthy eater or do you crave, desire junk food? Better yet, do you allow men to treat you like a 5 star, fine dining establishment, where you MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS, TO SHOW THE CHEF SOME DAMN RESPECT!  Or as an “OPEN” 24 hours drive-thru.  With a light on like Krispy Kreme, announcing that you’re: “HOT & FRESH!”

Breathe…it’s ok honeybunny.     

Go ahead, sink your teeth into this and digest it slowly.  That tightness in your chest? O that’s just the triggering of old heartburn pain.

I can see your mind connecting the dots on two fronts:

The thought of men as food and the effects on the body

How junk/fast food is so unhealthy for you.  Pure empty calories.  Settling directly on your hips (pun intended).

Or thinking back to when you allowed a certain him to come over at 3:36 am, after the club had closed.  And he sat his fine, delicious, cheap chocolate, empty caloric content ass on your sofa, eating food and hadn’t bothered to pick you up anything and then, wait for it...you gladly served him up your “dessert!"  Or some similar version of my “friend’s” story.


In turn, it’s you who actually indulged on empty calories that night; which is the same as empty promises. 


Because Ms. Heel, I hate to break it to ya: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

So relax. 

From here on out, choose to eat better.  Because what you put in your body, really does matter.  Eat whole foods and whole men with no preservatives (aka, no bullshit)!

Lately, I've had several encounters with clients and from my "Heel Girls" that work here and all at some point or another, shared a troubling man story with me (which inspired this blog).  They're either trying to purge a man from their system or inquiring as to when to indulge in them some him.  Well, in my fabulous 49 years, I’ve noticed a pattern among women.  Most of us have had our share of fast food when we were younger.  But as we matured (got past the roarin', explorin' 20’s), we realized that we couldn’t continue on this junk food trek (for over indulgence in junk food, eventually leads to heart disease. The equivalent of heartache).

Therefore, in order to live longer, happier, and healthier lives, we gave it up for something a little more satiating and fulfilling-real food! Aka:  REAL MEN.

So the next time you’re out and decide to feast on a man, and there’s no nutrition label tatted on his back, do not be fooled by the pretty packaging and false advertising.  Take your time to read the label and really do your research.  Look not just for trans fat but transparency as well. 

In other words, labels can and do lie! 

And for the record: NO NON-GMO'S. Good. Men. Only!

See if he’s made of some good stuff.  That if and when you do decide to partake in some sexy ass, succulent and savory man, be pretty damn sure, he’ll be good to you and your body.

Because unlike at “Karma Café," where you get served what you deserve.  Well at the Ol' Ball Park, you get to choose your dude!

Just some food for thought...



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