• Velicia

Wherefore Art Thou & Will You come Back?

(a poem)

I find myself hungry all the time

But everything I eat,

Taste like love between you and me...

As the bottom of your kiss reaches

my skin

It leaves behind the sweetest rainbow

Alive with the promise of a newborn life


Blurring the lines between the beginning and the end

Each kiss becomes a tattoo upon

My flesh

Forever inking and etching

A legacy of desire

Like a family crest

Animal like skin of longing and awakening

Appear atop my limbs

Great waves of ecstasy crash upon my nerves


Uncharted emotions buried deep within

Quivering legs, lips and hands

No longer under my control

Inaudible cries of delight

End each sentence in a great

Orchestrated crescending moan

I grasp for air, your hair

Some imaginary part of you to hold

It all escapes me-for I am weak

As your lips depart me and our

Eyes meet

I realize why it feels like this-

You love me and I love thee!

A confessional conversation erupts

Although we never speak

You confess this

I divulge that

I have so much to learn

You’ve more to teach

Will we again ever be?

The memories briefly satiate me,

Yet, I'm still hungry

Happy Valentine & Galentine's Day. May you find all the love you deserve,


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